Competition Winners

Below are a list of previous Competition Winners and the names of their entries. Some of the photos can be found in the Member's Portfolios.

DateWinnerPhoto Title
22/11/2017John Snabel for Print, John also Joint with Paul Miller for DPIPrint Aurora over Harmony, DPI Car Trails by JS & Elgol Light by PM
22/02/2017Print Comp Winners , John Snabel , Paul Miller , Paul ScottTuscan Dawn , Flow , Marina Walk
22/02/2017Joint Winners Paul Miller and Paul ScottySunrise & Sunset , Desert Truck
19/11/2014Joint winners Dave Wall and Paul MillerWalls SS.Nornen print Camas Bay dpi Millers Tuscan Dawn print Svern Crossing dpi
20/11/2013Paul Miller DPI Costas Constantinou print Paul Miller print and Brian Weight printIn order 1 Last Light at Arrifana 2 Karekare Sunset 3Changing Light at Blea Tarn 3 Talisker Bay
20/03/2013John SnabelBelvedere Sunrise in Projected Image Section
20/03/2013Paul MillerWinter on the Northsea Coast
23/11/2011Brian Weight won both categorysRiver Sligachan Isle of Skye was the Print and Shapes of Nature won DPI section
01/12/2011Brian Dean Print Section & John Snabel Projected ImagesBrians print Half Dome and Johns projected image Derwant Jetty
04/07/2010Jane Storer Portrait CompEagle Owl
04/07/2010Brian Weight G&W CupYorkshire Dales
31/03/2010Jane Storer Panel CompTired Majestic and Sad
31/03/2010John Snabel Colour Slide CompSandstone Spiral
24/11/2010Joint winners for DPI Brian Dean, Joh Snabel & Brian WeightBDs Bamburgh & Dunstanburgh JSs Belvedere & Abandoned Car BW Whitby Pier
17/03/2010Joint winners for Print Paul Scott & John Snabel, JS for SlidePrint PS with Kynance Cove, JS with Loch Ba Footprints, Slide JS with Sandstone Spiral
03/03/2010John SnabelWhite Pocket at Dawn (print) Rock Patterns White Pocket (slide)
04/01/2009Brian WeightConverging Aspens (slide)
04/01/2009John SnabelBelvedere - Tuscany (print)
18/02/2009John SnabelSunset - Priest Cove (Print) also Mammoth Hot Springs (slide)
12/10/2008Brian WeightBryce Canyon - Slide
12/10/2008Neil IrvingGaudis Chimneys Print
29/10/2008John Snabel (Won both Print & Slide)Mammoth Hot Springs (print), Sunset - Dunraven Bay (slide